TinyCLR OS is a modern, managed operating system for embedded devices. It offers garbage collection, threading, and full debugging which allows you to step through code and inspect variables. No costly debugging tools are necessary.

The .NET Ecosystem

Microsoft .Net

.NET developers will find TinyCLR OS an easy way into programming hardware. For developers not familiar with .NET, they will find the included libraries complete and versatile.

Here are some of the included software features:

  • Threading
  • Garbage collection
  • Events
  • Peripheral drivers. Such as Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN.
  • Graphics, with font, JPEG and GIF support.
  • Secure Wireless Networking, through ST's SPWF04SA WiFi.

Industry Leading Development Environment

Microsoft's Visual Studio is used by millions of developers around the world to develop applications for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Its feature set, built-in source control, auto-completion feature, along with many other features make it a breeze when spending the day developing applications. The TinyCLR OS expansion plugs right into Visual Studio giving developers access to all of its features through a single USB cable plugged into the PC and embedded device. Both the paid and free community editions work with TinyCLR OS with no limitations or restrictions.

Visual Studio

NuGet-Centered Libraries

NuGet Logo

NuGet is a free service for hosting libraries in the cloud. TinyCLR OS makes extensive use of this service in managing libraries and revisions.

Learn About NuGet


Embedded developers typically spend most of their time fiddling with expensive JTAGs and buggy software tools. They then spend even more time importing libraries to handle simple peripherals. TinyCLR OS will save the embedded developer from a frustrating experience and share the joy of working with an operating system, where things just work. When combining the compatibility between .NET on large operating systems and TinyCLR OS, the result is simply in a developer who can code both the PC and the embedded devices, for building creative and innovative IoT solutions!

Time To Market

Ready-Made Hardware

TinyCLR OS is ported and tested on several hardware platforms. We take extra care to provide commercial grade firmware for our devices. We also offer additional premium features on pre-compiled firmware for our commercial SoMs. See the product's documentation for details.

G400 SCM

Porting to Your Own Hardware

You can port TinyCLR OS to a new processor yourself or we can customize TinyCLR OS for you.

Start Porting Software Customization

Get Started

The easiest way to get started with TinyCLR OS is by selecting one of ready-made ports available for many of our products. Additionally, .NET developers will quickly utilize their existing experince to start coding in minutes.

Start Coding