The UC5550 System on Module(SoM) based on a STM32F767 216Mhz ARM Cortex - M7 processor and ships with optional external 4MB FLASH, 32MB SDRAM, and optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet PHY. The UC5550 provides a variety of interfaces and connectivity options – all packaged at an optimized power, size and cost. The UC5550 has highly integrated connectivity including USB host, USB client, TFT display, and optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet PHY which makes this SoM ideal for your products requiring display options and horsepower. In addition, the system supports industrial grade targeting embedded application requiring a wide temperature range.

  • STMicroelectronics STM32F7 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 processor
  • Fast internal SRAM and flash with optional external SDRAM and Quad-SPI flash
  • Optional Ethernet PHY and secure Wi-Fi module
  • Embedded LCD controller and camera interface
  • Rich peripheral set up to GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, ADC, DAC, PWM, and CAN

UCM Development Options

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Development Options

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Why Choose a UCM?

Universal Compute Module

Interchangeable plug-in compute modules suitable for a wide variety of applications. Universal Compute Modules are based on a 200 pin SO-DIMM form factor. All models follow a standard pin out making it easy to change modules to fit the needs of your product.

Software Options

UC5550 is officially supported by our TinyCLR OS. It can also be programmed with other unsuppported software options.


Developer resources can be found on our documentation website.

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Description Part Number MSRP Availability
STM32F767NIH6 processor, 4MB external QSPI flash, 32MB external SDRAM UC5550-67HFN $50 @ 100 Active
STM32F767NIH6 processor, 4MB external QSPI flash, 32MB external SDRAM, Ethernet PHY UC5550-67HFE $55 @ 100 Active
STM32F767NIH6 processor, 4MB external QSPI flash, 32MB external SDRAM, SPWF04SA Wi-Fi UC5550-67HFW $72 @ 100 Legacy
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