Universal Compute Modules

These System on Modules (SoM) conform to the Universal Compute Module (UCM) design guidelines, making them an interchangeable plug-and-play option. All modules have a DIMM200 connection with specific signals found at guaranteed pins. The standard also allows for module specific pins, allowing for extending the feature set beyond the standard.

Available UCMs ↓Development Options

Available UCMs ↓Development Options


Upgrade and Scale Easily

With a UCM at the heart of your design, you can easily swap-out the UCM as an upgrade path. You can easily scale your design to the needs of your individual customers, creating a higher profit for you while increasing your customer's satisfaction.

Design now, Pick the processor later

For the first time, you will be able to start your next design without needing to open processor datasheets or knowing how much memory you will need. Simply add the industry standard DIMM200 connector with the proper UCM pinout.

UCM with and without
Dev Board

UCM Development Options

Development boards, breakout boards, and add-on displays make an ideal platform for quick prototyping and low volume production runs. Start in minutes to effectively evaluate and develop your next design.

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Flexible Software Options

We understand you have specific software needs and our System on Modules (SoM) are made with that in mind. That's why they come with our commercial-grade TinyCLR OS that brings .NET to embedded devices. While we recommend and support TinyCLR OS, we keep the system available to run the software of your choice as well.

Flexible Software Options
Custom Design Circuit Board

Custom Designs

Engineered and manufactured by our own team, we know our products best. Our off-the-shelf products can be tailored and customized to fit your exact needs. Whether it's hardware or software, we can achieve what you need efficiently and economically.