SurfaceMount Compute Module

The Perfect Fit

The SurfaceMount Compute Modules (SCM) are a perfect fit for compact designs, where a small footprint is a must. These compact System on Modules (SoM) solder directly to your circuit. This not only saves you the time and expense of adding a connector, a direct solder means a better design for environments with extreme temperatures and high vibrations.

Available SCMs

SurfaceMount Compute Module

Flexible Software Options

Choose and Control the Software!

We understand you have specific software needs and our System on Modules (SoM) are made with that in mind. Each one of our modules come with software options, like startup examples (Keil, GCC) and/or operating system options (TinyCLR, MicroPython, FreeRTOS, Linux).

Available SCM cores





SCM vs UCM TechTalk

One of the most popular destinations of our forum is TechTalk with Gus. In this video Gus compares the differences and uses for both SurfaceMount Compute Modules (SCM) and Universal Compute Modules (UCM) and when each should be used in your design.

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