Longevity Policy

Our commercial customers receive 10 years of product life guaranteed availability

For over 15 years, we have worked with commercial companies who rely on our product’s quality and availability. Being both the designer and the manufacturer of our products, allows us to keep manufacturing these product as long as needed. Even when a product is moved to legacy, we always keep you in mind and either have a drop-in replacement or we provide a long end-of-life cycle. GHI Electronics is your partner, not just a module provider.

Product Lifecycle Status

Active: This product is recommended for new designs. This product comes with a 5-year guarantee for full support of hardware and software from the date of release.

Mature: Mature products are proven designs that have served well for over 5 years. The product will still be available for another 5 years (10 year total) giving customers plenty of time to upgrade. We recommend starting new designs with Active products.

Legacy: This product is no longer available through our normal distribution channels and can only be ordered directly from GHI Electronics, it is not recommended for current or future designs. Please contact us for availability and special-order requirements.

When appropriate GHI Electronics will offer you an End of Life purchase of a product and recommend a suitable replacement. This only happens when a main raw component is no longer available. If this step is needed, we will help you make the transition to a new product as painless as possible.

The Chain-of-Trust

When working on electronic projects, you are forced to rely on and trust the companies providing you the components needed to build your product. This trust is just as essential as the processor or any other component on your project.

Legacy Products

With newer technologies, Legacy products are no longer in mass production; However, we are the engineering and the manufacturing behind them. Please contact us to discuss your needs for any of our legacy products.

Long Term Product Availability

Products not listed in the below table are not covered by our longevity promise.

Name Part Number Status Released CPU Part Number CPU Maturity Date Suggested Replacement*
UC5550 (Ethernet)UC5550-67HFEActiveJan-2019STMF767NIH6Jan-2028Still Active
UC5550UC5550-67HFNActiveApr-2018STMF767NIH6Jan-2028Still Active
UC2550UC2550-13NNNActiveApr-2018STM32F413VGT6Jan-2028Still Active
F20 SoCF20FS-546ActiveJan-2016STM32F030F4P6Jan-2028Still Active
G120E SoMG120E-SM-532ActiveJul-2015LPC1788FET208Oct-2028Still Active
G30 SoC30SOC-SC-539ActiveJun-2015STM32F401RET6Jan-2028Still Active
G80 SoCG80SC-SM-501ActiveMay-2015STM32F427VGT6Jan-2028Still Active
G400-D SoMG400D-SM-400ActiveJul-2013AT91SAM9X35-CUUnknownStill Active
G400-S SoMG400S-SM-480ActiveJul-2013AT91SAM9X35-CUUnknownStill Active
G120 SoMG120B-SM-373ActiveApr-2012LPC1788FET180Jul-2027Still Active
ALFAT (F40) SoCALF2X-SC-512ActiveApr-2012STM32F205RBT6Jan-2028Still Active
UC5550 (Wi-Fi)UC5550-67HFWLegacyApr-2018STMF767NIH6Jan-2028In Development
UC2550 (Wi-Fi)UC2550-13NNWLegacyApr-2018STM32F413VGT6Jan-2028In Development
ChipworkX SoMCPWRX-SM-123LegacyMay-2010AT91SAM92661S-CUDiscontinuedG400-D SoM
EMX SoCEMX10-SM-128LegacyMay-2010LPC2478FET208Aug-2025G120E SoM
USBizi144 SoCUSBizi144-116LegacyJul-2008LPC2388FBD144Feb-2023G30 SoC
USBizi100 SoCUSBizi100-117LegacyJul-2008LPC2134FBD64Nov-2022G30 SoC
EMM SoMEMM-107LegacyJan-2008LPC2468FET208Aug-2025EMX SoM
EMM Non-TFT SoMEMX10-SM-128LegacyJan-2008LPC2468FET208Mar-2023EMM SoM
uALFAT SoCUALFAT-1LegacySep-2007LPC2103FBD48Feb-2023ALFAT SoC
USBwiz SoC USBWiz-5 Legacy Jan-2005 LPC2134FBD64 Jun-2013 ALFAT SoC
* see product datasheet for full compatability details