The BrainPad provides an intuitive STEM/STEAM learning experience for students of all ages. By providing students with an interactive engagement (minds-on and hands-on) in the classroom; the BrainPad increases student interest in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics. With the all-in-one hardware approach to the BrainPad, there is nothing to wire, and nothing to break. Yet, the BrainPad scales from the entry-level student who is excited to blink a light or make some noises on the buzzer to mid-level students that can add logic to control an output depending on an input state.

Giving Teachers What They Really Need

The BrainPad provides teachers with the resources and support they need to create engaging curriculum that engages students in real-world learning.

An Evolving STEM Platform

STEM requires an evolving platform, not a toy. As you evolve, so does the BrainPad. It scales from the entry-level student excited to blink a light or make some sound on a buzzer with MakeCode to mid-level students who want to add logic to read a sensor and control program behavior. Advanced students can expand the BrainPad with external sensors and controllers using the onboard expansion area. They can expand and go beyond using professional tools like Microsoft Visual Studio with our TinyCLR OS. As the student evolves their creativity and critical thinking skills, the BrainPad evolves with them.