About Us

GHI Electronics is "Where Hardware Meets Software"

Founded in 2003, we aimed to provide consulting, manufacturing, and drop-in solutions that reduced risk, cost, and complexity. Backed by these services, we became a global leader in electronics engineering and manufacturing. As we move into the future, we plan on continuing our cutting-edge innovations and look forward to providing our customers with exceptional products and services. Success and growth are part of our company structure. Our highly trained staff and internal organization allow us to handle orders of any size, from prototypes to thousands of units.

Our Mission Statement

To enrich customer capabilities by providing the latest leading edge technologies, to create and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that shorten time-to-market.

Engineering USA Production

We are proud to say that our software and hardware engineering, circuit board assembly and product support are all done locally in our facility in Michigan, USA. Our industry standard production line produces top quality products at an economical rate, allowing us to compete with global pricing at higher quality.

Years of Innovation

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