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Companies like yours, with hardware and software needs, will benefit from our unique approach to electronics.
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Design Support
Lower Costs
Faster Time-To-Market
Lower Risks

Two distinct options to pick from

Universal Compute Module

SurfaceMount Compute Module
  • Plug and Play
  • Compatible universal pinout among all options
  • Upgrade and scale easily

SurfaceMount Compute Module

Universal Compute Module
  • Solders right onto your design
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Perfect for designs with space constraints

Flexible Software Options

Flexible Software Options

We understand you have specific software needs and our System on Modules (SoM) are made with that in mind. While we may recommend and support one or more software options, we keep the system available to run the software of your choice.

FEZ (Fast and Easy)

FEZ is a powerful, user friendly, maker focused IoT board. This ultra low-cost is not just another maker-board, the combination of its low-cost, beefy 32bit processor, Secure Wifi option, and the long list of supported software options, it is the rule-them-all board.

Idea to Final Product

From Whiteboard to Production

Need help in integrating one of our modules?
Need a complete design of a product?
Need a USA-based design and assembly partner?

Our customizable modules combined with our design support, will help you complete your design at a lower cost, a lower risk and a faster time-to-market.


TinyclrOS Logo

GHI Electronics' TinyCLR OS brings .NET to resource-constrained embedded systems. Use Microsoft's Visual Studio to deploy and debug thousands of lines of code, simply using a USB cable. Use a modern programming language like C# and Visual Basic, with support to threading, garbage collection and events. There is no need for JTAG or expensive/complex tools.

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Longevity and Availability

Longevity and Availability

For over 15 years, we have worked with commercial companies who rely on our product’s quality and availability. Being both the designer and the manufacturer of our products, allows us to keep manufacturing these product as long as needed. Even when a product is moved to legacy, we always keep you in mind and either have a drop-in replacement or we provide a long end-of-life cycle. GHI Electronics is your partner, not just a module provider.