The G400-S Surface Compute Module (SCM) is a powerful, low cost Surface Mount SoM. This allows a simple two-layer circuit board with a power source and a few connectors to utilize the G400-S SoM to bring the latest technologies to any product.

  • 400 MHz 32-bit ARM 9
  • 1.4 MB of Flash
  • 92 MB of RAM
  • 89 GPIOs
  • High level features

Software Options

Developers are free use to use the software of their choice. For example, they may use the commercially supported and licensed port of TinyCLR OS or the older .NET Micro Framework, along with several other software options they might choose.


Resource Description
TinyCLR OS enables you to program your embedded device with the same .NET tools you know and love!
Documentation Documentation home page

Product Lifecycle

Want to learn more about our Long-Term product guarantee please refer to our longevity promise.

Product Status Release Date
Active July, 2013
Longevity Promise

Place Order

The G400-S may be purchased from any of our distribution partners. Please use the product information below to determine the correct part number with available options.

Part Number Description MSRP
G400S-SM-480 400 MHz 32-bit ARM 9, 1.4 MB of Flash, 92 MB of RAM 89 GPIOs $62 per unit
@ 100 qty
G400S-SM-XXX A custom version of this module to fit your exact needs Details
G400S-DE-VBO Development Board Call