Legacy Products

With newer technologies, legacy products are no longer recommended for new designs. However, if help is needed for legacy products, our Design Support services cover any of our legacy products.

All of these products may still be ordered * and may still be stocked by our distributors. You can always find the old documentation and products at our old site. For further assistance, we can be reached through our community forum or by direct contact.

* Those products are subject to raw material availability and may be subject to Minimum Order Quantities. Please contact us directly to discuss ways to fulfill your immediate needs and also to discuss your upgrade options.

System on Modules (SoMs)


These System on Modules (SoMs) are our best sellers. The uniqueness of having software and hardware in one package makes them ideal for quick, low-risk and low-cost system integration. We are carrying these products into the future with several major improvements. The biggest being that we have broken out our offers into two categories; Universal Compute Modules and Surface Mount Compute Modules.



The FEZ family of boards have been successful for several years, especially among makers, students and hobbyists. We have replaced the entire FEZ product line with a single FEZ to “rule them all!” The new FEZ board is simply called FEZ! Click here to learn more about FEZ.



As GHI Electronics continues to support its customers the best it can, we have ported our latest TinyCLR OS to all of the Gadgeteer main boards along with other even older products. We have also provided some documentation for most modules. This along with the open-source Gadgeteer drivers means that anyone can still use Gadgeteer today. Not only that, some of our distributors still carry Gadgeteer products. Click here to learn more about Gadgeteer.

Microsoft NETMF

Microsoft NETMF

Unfortunately, Microsoft is no longer actively developing the open-sourced .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). This has allowed GHI Electronics to take the project on its own and further develop it into a vision of embedded awesomeness. This new project is called TinyCLR OS. All of the GHI Electronics’ NETMF product line will now run TinyCLR OS. Click here for further documentation or visit the TinyCLR OS website.



From the very first prototype to the “ready-to-use” production verstion, this STEM and STEAM educational tool has been an amazing success since day one. As we continue to improve the BrainPad experince, please visit brainpad.com for the latest news and updates.