File System


Integrating FAT File System to a product requires a lot of resources (memory and processing) from the system. It also requires intensive development efforts. The system also needs USB Host drivers and SD memory drivers. Our File System solutions allow any system to access files on SD and USB storage devices through a set of simple serial commands, over UART (serial), SPI, or I2C.

A Proud History

Dev Board

When introduced in 2003, ALFAT was GHI Electronics’ first and original file system chipset. It supported file system on both SD/MMC and CompactFlash. In 2005, USBwiz was introduced to add support for USB mass storage devices (MSC). With the low-cost uALFAT being introduced in 2007. The entire product line was completely reinvented in 2012 with the introduction of the ALFAT F40 chipset.

With newer technologies, our file system products have reached maturity. However, they are still covered by our longevity promise.

Your Design, Through Our Experience

Our experience with FAT file system and USB on embedded devices allowed us to bring the technology to devices like the JAVA programmed ALFATxp. We also offered the first and only .NET Micro Framework devices with FAT file system and USB Host support. This lifetime of experience is available to you for your next design.

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