The Beagleboard.org Foundation team members are the creators and brains behind the BeagleBone product line. BeagleBone products are credit-card sized, low-power, open-hardware computers. From the advanced robotics-focused BeagleBone Blue to the super tiny PocketBeagle, all BeagleBoard.org Foundation products share the same open-source Linux software. With several different products with a wide range of features, developers are given a vast assortment of scalable options.

The Partnership

GHI Electronics has been a proud design and manufacturing partner of the BeagleBoard.org Foundation since 2016. With a shared passion for education and simplifying the process of building electronics products, GHI Electronics, and BeagleBoard.org participate in brain-storming and roadmap discussions that play a role in the continued growth of the BeagleBoard.org family of products. With BeagleBoard.org Foundation headquarters located a few miles up the road, we are able to closely work with and support BeagleBoard.org's education mission. We sponsor education forums, meet-ups, and makerspace activities to help ensure skill growth and access to knowledge critical to our shared future.

Add-on Capes

Take the design one step further by adding one of the official add-on Capes. Many of these capes are designed and manufactured by GHI Electronics. See Cape options on the org’s website.

Dev Board