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File System Hardware

Access files on SD and USB storage devices on any system with our File System OEM modules and chipsets. A set of simple commands over UART (serial), SPI or I2C are used to access files (learn more).
UART/SPI/I2C FAT System-on-Chip, with dual USB Host and 4bit SD interfaces.
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Everything you need to evaluate the F40 (ALFAT) chipset and its OEM boards
F40 (ALFAT) SoC-based OEM board with SD connector and dual USB port.
F40 (ALFAT) SoC-based OEM board with SD connector.
F40 (ALFAT) SoC-based OEM board with USB connector
F40 (ALFAT) SoC-based OEM board specifically made for the SD reader mode
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Tiny file system module
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Tiny file System on Chip
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